She sings and she paints. No one else is doing that right now.” - KenisArt

About Us

Jemima Joél and the Gaias

    Gaia is "the ancestral mother of earth and life." The band consists of Jemima Joél, Kahlon Davis, and Drew Mosby. The group got together because of a friendship formed between Kahlon, a drummer, and Jemima, two New Orleans natives, attending college at Loyola. They kept in touch, and later formed a band. Jemima later found Drew, guitarist, sound engineer, and also a vocalist, at an open mic at Cafe Istanbul.

    They have an earthy soulful sound. The three find interesting ways to communicate an intergenerational sound with their fans through their selections of old school and new school soul records. Joél’s own original lyrics romanticizes her own lived experience for a raw and personal take on emotions. On August 31st, the band released their first single called "Jezebel's Jolene," a musical composition all three worked on together, produced by Gio Blackmon.

     Jemima Joél, also who goes by "The Woman Who Sings and Paints" brings a unique experience of art and music with her. She sings while she paints. It allows an integration of the two art forms, the aural experience of music and the visual experience of seeing art being made. 

      The band is looking for local bars, restaurants, venues, weddings, etc. to play to build up their experience and fanbase. Book them for your next show or private party. Sign up for their email list to see where they will play next!

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